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You'll be completing this clinical portion primarily on your own with our guidance and reinforcement. To get the most out of this virtual clinical please complete all the activities including readings, assignments, quizzes and interactive elements to help you gain the confidence you will need to perfect your newly learned skills

 Please use the Office Hours discussion forum

  •  to ask questions
  •  review the other discussion forums 
  • to see what other students are sharing
  • Job postings 

If you have issues with accessing course content, please email support@lowerlimbedu.com.

I am however happy to quide you through this clinical portion of the course through the Moodle message system.

Please refresh yourself to the Preparing for Clinical section of the course as soon as possible to help guide you and prepare you for this next section of the course.

Please be advised that we strongly suggest that after you have fully completed the online clinical that you choose an added skills face to face option. A shadow / mentorship day and or a skills hands on day. 

This will insure your success adding more confidence, knowledge and skills


Hands on Skills Options ( Add On fees )

We want to insure your success in every way, with some learners it can be hard when you are unable to have hands on or face to face conversations. Though our chat room does enable conversation and videos, this may not be enough for some people leaving a possible lack of confidence in their new skills. It is a whole other level to be able to feel and see the instruments being used, the pressure of the rotary tool and to see the different bits in action. 

WE have partnered with many clinics in good standing and whom have taken this exact course, here you may purchase ADD ON skills days that are Face to Face and Hands ON.  We strongly urge students to take part in these options to help with confidence and increase networking and skills.

We've designed this course so that you can see the basic and advanced skills required of Foot Care Nurses and then reflect upon how you can implement these skills in your practice. Once you have completed this course, you will receive a Certificate of  Completion.

You will need to be insured and have 3rd party professional liability insurance such as RPNAO or RNAO before you provide care to your volunteers and the public. Copies will need to be sent in for verification. Also in some provinces there may be the ability to apply for education Initiatives. RPNAO and RNO in Ontario for example pay back up to $1500.00 a year for any added educational fee’s you pay out.

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